2012 : What’s Really Happening, Part 1

2012 : What’s Really Happening Part 1

By Susan J Rennison

Space Weather, Mayan Prophecy &
The True Meaning of The Apocalypse

In March 2009, it became widely known that the Obama Administration had been making discreet enquires with respected metaphysical leaders about “planetary challenges”. Yet, it seems that at least one group of “evolutionary leaders” could not enlighten the Obama Administration, despite the fact that we are in the midst of the greatest transition in the history of mankind. Thus, I made the decision to write a 40 page Executive Summary for the White House, giving a summary of the situation based on my thousands of hours of research. I believe I am well qualified to carry out this analysis, as I have an Honours Degree in Physics and Geophysics from a respected British university. What’s more I had previously written the book, Tuning the Diamonds Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution [2006], self published by my own Joyfire Publishing, which gives major insights into the process of evolutionary change by integrating science and metaphysics. The book was good enough to be place in the United Kingdom National Archives in November 2007, to be preserved for present and future generations, and is now considered “National heritage”.

It was intended as a Study Guide accompanied with 750 references, so that the diligent could study the subject in depth if so required, because enough information was provided to back up my logic and reasoning. Yet, even though I worked extremely hard, my book now requires updating, largely due to some several incredible press releases from US National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA], in the last year. However, I am still happy, because subsequent to my research, new scientific findings have only strengthened my original hypothesis.

To come up with my analysis, I lived in virtual isolation researching and then I went into deep states of reflection for months and months, but this came after about 25 years of seeking truth and enlightenment. I now see that I operate more like the mystics of old. I had a major Kundalini awakening in October 2001, where my back literally burst into aetheric flames and I know for a fact that my brain has been rewired, which is mandatory for spiritual evolution. Yet, since I am obviously an analytical person, this is a source of great confusion to people who think being spiritual is about using one half of the brain. In fact, I have had many mystical experiences from an early age and they encouraged me to seek out people through books that had had similar experiences. The logic was that through books, I could find people who were on the same wavelength as me, I would find help understanding my experiences and I could learn from those who had also sought truth and enlightenment.

Anyway, the approach to my life’s mission has been to integrate information from many different sources. In the recognised Theory of Levels of Existence that arises out of the seminal research of the Dr. Clare W. Graves, late emeritus psychologist at Union College in Schenectady, New York, we find a system that seeks to calibrate human consciousness. This theory has been popularised by two of his students, Don E. Beck and Chris C. Cowan, who published the essence of his research in the life changing book, Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change
(Blackwell, 1996). In this colour coded system, I am basically a Yellow/Turquoise as my outlook requires the integration of data and that means having a brain that can handle complex thinking. There is no interest in being tied down to one system of belief or thought, and this information will help some understand how I think and the purity of my motivation. I am a ‘Seeker of the Truth’, so I know that other ‘Seekers’ will understand the drive to could keep studying for years on end, accompanied by a passion for truth and enlightenment.Yet, there is good reason for all the hard work, as the situation on Earth has reached crisis levels. The UK Telegraph reported the following article on the 17th October 2009, entitled; NASA: World will not end in 2012. The subtitle reads; A NASA scientist has condemned film producers over a viral marketing campaign that suggests the world will come to and end in 2012.

Here is a synopsis:

“Sony Pictures set up a website for an organisation called the Institute for Human Continuity which predicts a cataclysmic denouement for Earth three years from now. It suggests that “after two decades of rigorous research from the world’s top astronomers, mathematicians, geologists, physicists, engineers, futurists, we know that in 2012 a series of cataclysmic forces will wreak havoc on our planet”.

[…] In fact, the website is a vehicle for promoting 2012 – a disaster movie about the end of the world based on predictions in the Mayan calendar.
[…] According to the website scientists have been tracking a previously unknown Planet X which is on the edge of the solar system and on a collision course with Earth. But the site has been so successful that hundreds of people have been convinced that something terrible is about to befall the planet.

Dr David Morrison, a senior scientist at NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, said he had received more than 1,000 inquiries from worried members of the public. That included teenagers saying they would rather commit suicide than witness the world end. Dr Morrison said the website was “ethically wrong”. But Vikki Luya, Sony’s publicity director said: “It is very clear that this site is connected to a fictional
movie. This can readily be seen in the logos on the site.”

This is the comment I placed on my News of the Imbalance Blog:
“Well, there is a battle going on for truth and enlightenment versus fear and darkness. When teenagers start talking about committing suicide, rather than seeing the world end, it reveals the seriousness of the situation. The people who made and are prompting this film are reptiles, but the 2012 hype is being helped along by widespread ignorance of what’s really happening.”

Despite my failed attempts to make contact with the White House officials who initiated the original search for answers, my report has to be updated yet again,
as NASA continue their practice of dribbling out major news to a general public who really don’t understand the implications of what they are being told. At the same time, I am still having major revelations as my Big Picture view of what is happening also requires some in depth analysis.

Here is some background information that should help put this all in context. I was living in Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway when I published my book in September 2006. Soon afterwards, I was contacted by a friend, Øivind Gunnufsen, who now runs the beautiful and historic Nesøya Summerhouse which is used for private functions, with his partner Anna Gro, located just outside the capital Oslo, a 9 hour drive away. He stated that he would give a copy to astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was coming to Oslo on the 3rd November 2006, to give a one-day seminar to business leaders.

Well, I did raise an eyebrow and actually thought he was dreaming the impossible and so I promptly forgot about this crazy idea. Well, on the day, I got a phone call telling me that he was being allowed into the afternoon seminar session for free. As you can imagine, the fee was quite exorbitant, but he was friends with the organisers, so that
was quite interesting. I was also told that he had a copy of my book and he was going to make his attempt to give it to Armstrong and I was requested to “send energy”. Well, to cut a long story short, Øivind succeeded and I was told that he had felt like Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible. Øivind stated that as Armstrong was being chauffeured away from this event, he was seen flicking through the book. Now, why
is this information relevant? Well, during the afternoon section of the seminar, Armstrong talked about the Sun and the “hot” topic of Space Weather. He basically stated that when he went to the moon, astronauts new nothing about the dangers of violent bursts form the Sun that are now categorised as Space Weather. There are no

Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution, is all about the advent of Space Weather being the fulfilment of prophecy and explains the spiritual evolutionary implications.

Here is the introduction to my White House report, “Planetary Challenges & Spiritual Evolution: Executive Summary”.

Introduction Extract 1
“In September 2008, NASA announced that the shield around our solar system provided by the solar wind has been quickly declining since the mid 1990s.1 As a consequence, our planet is being flooded by galactic cosmic radiation, providing a stunning confirmation that Mayan Elders correctly predicted that as we approach 2012, we are entering a New Age dominated by ether or space.2 The book Tuning
the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution, published in September 2006 by Joyfire Publishing, sought to explain what this means in real terms for the citizens of planet Earth, the science behind spiritual evolution and why certain metaphysical energy techniques are being developed to support an evolutionary transition for mankind.3

Thus, our world is now experiencing Space Weather, a term coined by the space community to describe the bombardment of Earth by solar, cosmic, galactic and intergalactic energy. Space Weather is generating a myriad of effects as our world is being increasingly exposed to the whole spectrum of electromagnetic energies, from radio waves to extreme gamma rays, and the ramifications are the subject of intense research.4

In my book, the reader is introduced to Space Weather and the associated effects on satellite technology, national power grids and pipelines etc, and this was outlined in reference to scientific papers and articles.

Cosmology, solar science, geomagnetism, geophysics, geological and atmospheric
phenomena, the effect on Earth’s climate, were all explained with the scientific perspective that our planet is deeply effected by changing cosmic conditions.

Sun_Earth-mag&solar forces

The Sun Earth Connection - Credit: NASA

The visible universe is 99.999% plasma, energy that remains in the fundamental state of matter, as highly charged sub-atomic particles. Plasma physics reveals how this energy can self-organise to create a network of power lines that result in the scientific understanding that Earth is not an isolated body in space. Even though this realisation has been emerging for one hundred years, the ordinary citizens of Earth are being prompted by the new phenomena of Space Weather to recognise that we are inextricably connected to our Sun and the rest of the galaxy. Space Weather generates geomagnetic storms and as electromagnetic beings, humans are affected, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Introduction Extract 2
“The metaphysical community and indigenous groups that have retained ancient knowledge, have largely agreed that we are nearing the end of a period of transition lasting about 25 years that will herald the start of a ‘New World Age’.5 In this regard, esoteric knowledge, Mesoamerican calendars and prophecies, especially those of the remaining Maya, are recognized for providing very precise astronomically based knowledge which describe and interpret the energies associated with the evolution of consciousness. Specifically, Mayan Elders are famed as the “Keepers of Time”. Hence, the metaphysical community, have drawn attention to the end date associated with two of the most important Mayan calendars and have popularized the date of 21st December 2012.6  However, a more thorough analysis will reveal that increasing levels evolutionary energies have been arriving from deep space and effecting our Galactic Centre and Sun over the last century.”

Introduction Extract 3
My research has shown that metaphysical sources had predicted this scenario. What’s more, they claim that from 2007, the arrival of evolutionary energies will dramatically increase at an exponential rate, but stabilize at a new level in 2012.7 Incredibly, NASA’s announcement in September 23, 2008 ‘Solar Wind Loses Power, Hits 50-year Low’ reveals that as a consequence of a flagging solar wind and the Sun’s
magnetic field being reduced, the shielding around our solar system is also being lowered. NASA’s announcement in December 16, 2008, ‘A Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field’ reveals recent magnetic configurations around Earth opening up a MASSIVE breach, will make sure that in the future, Earth will experience far greater amounts of Space Weather and therefore evolutionary energies8  This is a further development to the observation by NASA of the Earth’s simultaneous widening of the polar cusps to receive new deliveries of Space Weather.

As the Obama Administration have asked about ‘what is transpiring on the planet’, there are many factors to discuss. A major issue is the continuous bombardment of fireballs, meteorites and asteroid near-misses that have been occurring over the recent years and which appear to be increasing. This is of great interest, but can only be briefly mentioned here. Scientists speculate that the Sun’s alignment with the galactic plane of our Milky Way galaxy, that astronomers state occurred in 1998,  could be disturbing the comets in the Oort cloud, which surrounds our solar system and thus we are getting an increase of comets and other objects entering the inner solar system.9 We have also entered a highly magnetized region of space such that in 1997, Russian sources stated, “This kind of interstellar space dispersed plasma is presented by magnetized strip structures and striations.” 10 In 2003, it was then reported that the NASA/ESA Ulysses spacecraft had detected our solar system is being increasingly flooded with ‘star dust’ and scientists predicted this to dramatically increase by ten times until 2012. Some would anticipate that this additional influence would cause our Sun to flare, but due to the current ‘extraordinary’ quiet solar minimum of Solar Cycle 23, this has not happened. Therefore, these new space environment conditions combined with Space Weather could also be creating unknown magnetic and electrical influences on Earth’s climate. It is known that NASA are funding research associated with the “Living With A Star” program and a priority has been the “Distribution of electric currents connecting the magnetosphere to the ionosphere”.11

Thus, with all the other Space Weather related research, we can presume by these scientific endeavors, that NASA and other space agencies are now acknowledging the electric origin of our weather and universe, as indicated by areas of solar and geospace research. Hence, as you can see from what has been outlined above, there are many new factors to consider that will determine the evolutionary destiny of
mankind. Therefore, the author has decided to use this document to provide an executive summary of what is transpiring on Earth that is most relevant to the arrival of a new ‘World Age’ and human spiritual evolution on Earth.


Artist's illustration of a satellite caught in the Earth's magnetic field and subject to Space Weather

As part of the process of evolutionary change being driven by the new phenomena
of Space weather, the following Executive Summary provides an explanation
for the increasingly strange UFO phenomena being seen around the world.  Indeed, the bombardment of Earth that includes highly charged sub atomic particles (plasma) is also accompanied by plasma “entities” which exhibit intrinsic ‘higher’ intelligence; as part of Universal Consciousness, they have been arriving en masse to create a new version of Earth. The situation is complex, but our Earth is managed by Universal Consciousness and as such, we are witnessing ‘a changing of the guard’. However, this transition is not completely straightforward, but due to numerous worldwide reports, it is becoming undeniable that something beyond our current level of scientific understanding is taking place. This article is substantiated by eye witness reports, scientific studies and most importantly, substantial United Kingdom Ministry of Defence disclosure. This article concludes with the implications for mankind, based on the current understanding of evolutionary biologists and metaphysical knowledge.

This report should be of major relevance to ALL governments worldwide.”

End of Extracts
The arrival of Space Weather and the build up cosmic energies around Earth is now having serious consequences in deteriorating the operating conditions for satellites in space. In February 2009, a defunct Russian satellite and a US military Iridium satellite crashed in space, as “atmospheric drag” caused one or both of these satellites to detour from their usual orbits. This has generated a major headache of how to clear away the mounting levels of debris in space that is now threatening to cause a cascade effect and sabotage more and more satellites. Then in May 2009, it was announced that the Global Positioning System (GPS) system was ‘close to breakdown’. Various reports revealed that US government officials were concerned that the quality of the GPS could begin to deteriorate as early as 2010. According to a study, “In recent years, the Air Force has struggled to successfully build GPS satellites within cost and schedule goals.” Further more it stated: “It encountered significant technical problems … [and] struggled with a different contractor.” An article in the UK Guardian stated: “The impact on ordinary users could be significant, with millions of satnav users potential victims of bad directions or failed services. There would also be similar side effects on the military, which uses GPS for mapping, reconnaissance and for tracking hostile targets.” Despite blame on US Air Force officials and an unnamed contractor, there was no discussion of the technical problems that scientists are trying to overcome. But, Space Weather watchers realise that the worsening conditions in our ionosphere, (the region of free electrons (plasma) located approximately 100-2,000 kilometres above Earth’s surface and created by the action of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) sunlight on the gases of the upper neutral atmosphere), being used to propagate GPS timing signals is now constantly turbulent and the effect is to make GPS signalling more unreliable. Please consider the following quote from the now infamous report sponsored by NASA, that some have considered alarmist and dire, released in January 2009, entitled: US National Academy of Sciences report: Severe Space Weather Events–Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts, that states:

“For the spacecraft industry, however, the primary approach to mitigating the effects of space weather is to design satellites to operate under extreme environmental conditions to the maximum extent possible within cost and resource constraints. GPS modernization through the addition of two new navigation signals and new codes is expected to help mitigate space weather effects (e.g., ranging errors, fading caused by ionospheric  scintillation), although to what degree is not known. These technologies will come on line incrementally over the next 15 years as new GPS satellites become operational. In the meantime, the Federal Aviation Administration will maintain “legacy” non-GPS-based navigation systems as a backup, while other GPS users (e.g., offshore drilling companies) can postpone operations for which precision position knowledge is required until the ionospheric disturbance is over.” also “It would be difficult to overstate the societal contribution of GPS. As discussed in the first workshop session, GPS is in the process of revolutionalizing aviation navigation.

• GPS receivers enable users to determine the time to within 100 billionths of a second, without the cost of owning and operating atomic clocks. This capability can be of enormous value to firms that need to synchronize their network computers or instruments.”

It seems that in January 2009, when this report was released by a working party of scientists, there was no inkling that things were so bad that GPS could fail entirely.
Yet, metaphysical sources have been warning people interested in their spiritual evolution Mayan_serpent_rope for decades, to strengthen their energy fields and some metaphysicians
claimed that there was New Energy on the planet that could to do this and facilitate their evolutionary progression. It must be emphasised
that not all the ‘New Energy’ arriving on Earth is meant for humans.
So utilising sacred geometry, specifically the octahedron or diamond
energy field, acts as the perfect receiver and transmitter. It is part of your sacred inheritance and can be strengthened. My research revealed that the scientific evidence verified that there has been a recent and significant build up of cosmic energies being stored around Earth. In my book, I stated that the predicted Mayan Serpent Rope had arrived in 1989, well before 2012.

This is in contrast to the mythologist William Henry, who has claimed for years that Mayan prophecy states a ladder will emerge from the centre of our Milky Way galaxy in 2012, out of which will emerge the serpent rope carrying the god Nine Wind (‘Quetzalcoatl’). He claims this can be found in the Codex Vindobonensis and he uses Egyptian imagery and the concept of the serpent rope being a wormhole. Yet, there is no doubt that there are ‘serpents’ in space, but plasma scientists call them ‘Birkeland Currents’, after the great Norwegian scientist Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland, (1867-1917) who was a Professor at Oslo University, who first suggested the flow of charged particles or electricity in space. In my integration of information from other traditional and metaphysical sources with science, I decided that New Energy was now continuously arriving from the galactic centre and scientists had noticed.

The Equatorial Electrojet as determined from CHAMP satellite observations.

The Equatorial Electrojet as determined from CHAMP satellite observations.

This is the foretold ‘Serpent Rope’ and can be explained as how excess electromagnetic energy in the form of plasma is stored around Earth.
Copyright © Hermann Lühr, GFZ Potsdam

After the Great Magnetic Storm that happened in 1989, scientists realised that we had acquired a new Space Weather feature in the form of a thin electrical current, flowing in a very narrow band, dancing along the Earth’s geomagnetic equator. This is a Birkeland current called “The Equatorial Electrojet” (EEJ) and it generates a massive
electric current of “millions of amps”. It is located approximately 100 – 115 km above sea level in the ionosphere, where it flows from dawn to dusk. Click here for YouTube clip [0:24] of Magnetic fields due to The Equatorial Electrojet (EEJ). As I wrote in my book, even though it had been first discovered in 1922, it could be compared to being like a geomagnetic storm drain that was virtually empty. The EEJ only became part of Earth’s electrical circuitry when it was realised that this drain was so full, that satellites were being affected by its influence on the Earth’s magnetic field.

With this insight, we can compare this to the opinion of Mayan Elders who have 20 different calendars, of which 5 they completely refuse to provide any details about. They have been very clear that we are in a period of transition lasting for about 25 years and they have stated that energy changes simply cannot occur suddenly, like “turning on a light”. As a geophysicist, my concern has always been: what exactly
happens when this energy from the galactic centre hits our planet, where exactly does this energy go and what effect does it have on Earth?

During my research, I have been astounded at the scientific proof that Earth has been literally grabbing and storing this energy for the last two decades. Yet, according to Barbara Marciniak, an internationally acclaimed trance channel, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author, the gradual build-up of energies is part of a divine plan. In Marciniak’s book, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library (1995) we find the following:

“When you encounter cosmic celestial events in your future, you will already have been exposed to the energy. So what you are being given now is like a homeopathic dose.”

In her later book, Path of Empowerment: Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos (2005), Marciniak provided a formula for the dramatic increase in energy transmission rates. Thus, from 1987 – 1996, the “energy of acceleration” will increase 10 times, year on year. From 1997 – 2006, the energies will increase 100 times, year on year. The last five years until 2012, 2007 – 2012, the increase will be 100,000 times, year on year. We are told in a rather matter-of-fact manner, this will have the effect of, “basically sending everybody soaring into orbit”. This agrees with information from Vedic sources collated by Robert Cox in his valuable book, “The Pillar of Celestial Fire – The Lost Science of the Ancient Seers Rediscovered” [1997].

He states that around the year 2000, subtle matter levels are predicted to increase dramatically and then go exponential as ‘The day of illumination’ occurs, which he believed would occur in 2010. Now that it is possible to scientifically verify that there has been a dramatic increase of cosmic energies circulating our planet, it is also becoming obvious that a dimensional shift is taking place.

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I will also post Part 2

It is precisely this information that is the reason why our collective move toward becoming ‘as a little child’ (purifying our internal energy) is more important now than ever before. Cleaning up ‘our stuff’ must be accomplished in a seeming ‘blink of an eye.’ These energies will affect our physical bodies and emotions unless we become perfectly coherent in our heart, literally and figuratively. It is imperative to ‘master’ our Life Energy thereby becoming fractal (perfectly coherent). This is the only condition that will not be affected by the energies spoken of in the above article.

The illustration below is a picture of how this looks magnetically:

heart centered torus, perfect fractal

There are two specific ways that I know of to accomplish this energy clearance in a short amount of time:


the attachments to this post:


heart centered torus, perfect fractal




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