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I spoke at the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago over the weekend. It was agreed that everyone forced vaccinations, where is freedom of choice?should make a personal plan (and that plan may be different for each person), for how you will deal with the possiblity of forced, mandatory vaccinations. The US government is planning to
vaccinate 100% of the population (I have the documents of the discussions — dated from 2007 forward). Many of us are working hard behind the scenes to get up to date information and to build a coalition to stop this. The right to decide what will be injected into your body should be yours!

The (swine) flu shot contract has been given to Novartis, meaning that the flu vaccine will most likely be made with PER.C6 cells (cells from retina of aborted fetal tissue) and contain their proprietary MF59, very very toxic and debilitating chemical. In 2006, legislation was passed to give Pharma 100% liability protection for pandemic vaccines, even if they cause disability and death. (Called Division E…on my website)

As we know, all politics is local, so it is important to have local people understand our position. Everyone feels helpless with National politicians and are convinced they are so “bought off” they absolutely do not listen to constituents (any more). People are feeling the need to take things into their own hands to protect themselves and their families.

Here were some of the suggestions and comments that came up in Chicago. I hope that others will contribute to this action plan. In the 10 years I have been involved with this, i have never had such a sense of urgency; not even after 911 when they tried to force smallpox vaccines on everyone. (it was a big failure and many who went along with the Trial Plan are now chronically ill…some died)

Part of my “life mission” is to stop this nonsense. There is now 100% PROOF that vaccines cause microglia activation in the brain — which translate to chronic inflammation of brain tissue, and this inflammation and degeneration of nerve cells can go on for >40 years.  That is from peer reviews PUBLISHED medical literature.

Please stay out of FEAR mode and get into ACTION mode. This is a “plan for the worst, hope for the best” situation. You don’t want to be caught making this decision spur of the moment. Please feel free to share with all your friends.

You can’t do it all, but you can do something! GET ACTIVE!

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forced vaccinations, where is freedom of choice?

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