Is This Intimidation by a Goverment Agency?

Yesterday I received this email from one of the natural health supplement companies that I have and affiliate agreement with. Judge for yourself what may be happening.

The company name has been withheld for their privacy.

Email subject: Urgent: FDA issues concerning your “Affiliate Account”

Greetings from …

We are emailing you concerning the affiliate program you participate in allowing you to earn commissions from sales that come to our website.

This past week we have had the FDA at our facility and are concerned about their scrutiny of the affiliate program. The FDA investigators had the legal right to a list of all of our affiliates, their contact information and all orders placed through those affiliates.

Someone at the FDA will most assuredly be looking at every affiliate website within the next few weeks and anything not found in compliance will likely spell trouble for both of us.

Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to discontinue the affiliate program for everyone’s safety and are asking you to remove the link to our website and all information on products sold by …  The sooner this is accomplished the better it will be for everyone.

We apologize for these problems and the inconvenience this causes you.  Until this week, we did not realize that our consent decree with the FDA affected the affiliate program and all its participants.  We had considered it advertising.

Thank you,

signed by a staff member

Is it protecting the public or bamboozling and intimidating those folks that are bringing us alternative health supplements into shutting down. The trend is only getting worse. (see other posts on this site for more info). Watch your backs.

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