Ron Paul – The Rest of the Story

First video revealing what the main stream, bought off, media refuses to report (because it’s against their owners interests).

Then the 12 minute video “We Are Born Into Slavery” featuring John Lennon, Carl Sagen, David Icke and others

We are all slaves to the system that we live in today.
You get up in the morning, goto work, get home, have dinner, watch tv, goto sleept. over and over again same thing. We are slaves.
we have to change the world we live in. We the people need to take charge!

” You have to have young people involved and you have to have music.” Ron Paul

Top elected officials have been bought off a long time ago, selling the United States Constitution off while lining their pockets. They have passed laws only good for corporate giants, ripping our Constitutional Liberties and Protections right out of our lives. The rest of the world has looked on in horror for years now wondering why the people of the United States have allowed such travesties. Well, if I am reading the people of this country correctly, I believe this is the election will send a resounding message to Washington, D.C. – it is time to get our country back; kick corporate capitalist our of the government halls and repeal all Un-Constitutional legislation. There is so much criminal action, maybe even a ‘crimes against humanity’ tribunal to make sure the message is heard for the next 100 years. What do you think?

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2012 Election critical for this countries future

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Ron Paul warns Americans of coming economic collapse and possible martial law!

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2012 Election critical for this countries future

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