They’re Targeting Your Kids (you may have no choice)

For the first time in nearly 10 years of vaccine activism, I am truly concerned about what is planned for the unaware public over the next few months.
This issue of our newsletter — and the next several — will get you the lastest information on what is being planned and what you need to do to protect your health and your family’s health. These eNewsletters will be longer than usual.There is a lot going on and there is important information at the end!
My intent is not to frighten you, but these are truly unsettling times. Each person needs an action plan that is right for you and your family. Different parts of the country may need to respond differently.
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They’re Targeting Your Kids

 Mandatory swine flu vaccinations for school children may be implemented this fall.
The federal government does not have any Constitutional authority to mandate that school children receive any vaccinations; that power is left to the States. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) website does NOT state that vaccinations will be “mandatory”, it does state that the federal government is “partnering” with state and local governments “in this effort.”

To get the States to force vaccines, the federal government is dangling huge dollars in front of state officials that will help with their cash-strapped state budgets. The Feds will make available “preparedness grants worth a total of $350 million” so states can “step up” their “preparedness efforts.” They really want us ALL to have this shot…and they are using our own money (tax dollars) to get the job done.
Parents (and grandparents) need to consider whether they will have any ability to give consent, at all, before their children are required to receive the vaccine. They are considering vaccinating kids at school and sending home a note!  This full article  and its links are a MUST READ!

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