UN Control of the Internet Would Mean UN Control of Free Speech

If the UN is given control of the Internet, that would be a massive step toward making the UN a true global government. The Internet is the number one venue for free speech and freedom of expression on the planet today, and if the UN is given authority over the Internet it would only be a matter of time before free speech is severely cracked down on.

Of course it would not happen immediately. At first, UN officials would likely mostly keep their promises of maintaining a “free and open Internet”. But inevitably you would see them act to remove “terrorists” from the Internet, to crack down on “hate speech” and to repress any “politically incorrect” speech that is likely to insult anyone in any way.

If you were censored or banned from the Internet, you could scream about the 1st Amendment all you want, but the United Nations is not bound by the 1st Amendment. The UN is not there to protect you or your freedoms. If the UN becomes “the government of the Internet”, you can essentially kiss freedom of speech goodbye.

If you do not believe that this could ever happen, you might want to pay close attention to a UN conference that is being held over in Dubai starting on Monday. It is called “the World Conference on International Telecommunications”, and it is scheduled to last for two weeks. During this conference, Russia, China and a number of Islamic nations plan to make a hard push to have the Internet formally placed under the authority of the United Nations.

Right now, a non-profit organization that is based in California is primarily in charge of running the Internet. The organization is known as ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). But now there is going to be a huge effort to take authority away from ICANN and give it to the United Nations.

China, Russia and a number of Islamic nations are arguing that the Internet is a global asset and that it should be governed by a global authority. However, if the UN is given authority over the Internet, not only will they inevitably kill the “free and open Internet”, it will also be a huge leap for the UN toward becoming the government of the world.

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