You Think Our Gov’t Is On Your Side?

Two depressing stories have just come my way today. What is this country coming to when a well established farmers’ market is shut down arbitrarily and a doctor providing healing nutrition and hormone therapies is denied his license to practice.???
Dr. John  Dommisse, MD, has an excellent article in the new Wise Traditions journal on the successfully treating thyroid problems. But earlier this year his state medical board revoked his medical license, in spite of his accomplishments. Today I had an email from him about this (probably went out to all chapter leaders) and it sounds like the medical board has acted outrageously to squash a doctor using innovative nutritional approaches, as his efforts to appeal have been rejected on trivial grounds. So now he is consulting with patients near and far who are willing to join his “private membership association ” – Sound familiar?  See click on “Home”  for his story.
Here’s the other disturbing item – from one of our other chapter leaders:
A Connecticut state health department closed an entire 200-year old farmers market. There is more to come. I figured this would happen, especially with Ohio’s new rules, which  mimic UN/USDA/HHS plans.



One of these days we may have to start marching in the streets to object to this sort of thing, since our legislators seem to have tin ears, or their pockets are too heavily lined with money from special interests!

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